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Sunday Simplicity

Ahhhh…Sunday morning! Just the mention of it hints relaxation and reprieve. A day for sleeping in a bit longer, eating a bigger breakfast, planning broader prospects. Simply the simplicity of Sunday.

And then there is Sunday mornings in our home, a time of planning what service to attend, maneuvering who will stay with Yaleska, strategizing a way for us to get to church.

Going to church with Yaleska is amongst the most difficult places that we can take her. Padded pew or not, traditional or contemporary, first or second service, it doesn’t matter. She isn’t able to attend and hasn’t for the past 3 years.

She isn’t able to attend church. She is not capable of sitting through an entire service without some sort of outburst, disruption, or other evident expression of frustration. Sensory overload-too much stimuli for her to handle.

Oh, but she loves God! No doubt about that!

So we go to church without her. Either I go with my husband and my daughter, Yazlin stays home with Yaleska and goes to the second service alone, or Yazlin goes with my husband and I stay home with her, or I go with Yazlin…

Yes, it can be quite confusing and challenging.

This morning again we were faced with our “Sunday Simplicity”. What about church this morning since Yazlin is away for a few days?

We decided today Yaleska was going to “church” with us! Yes, she would enjoy the first part of this day with the Lord as we have always desired. Our “church” today was not at our regular place of attendance and worship but a trail overlooking the Bay of Tampa. We decided to bring “church” to her. Armed with a Bluetooth speaker, running shoes, and bottled water we took a new path, trailblazing for us at its best! Pushing Yaleska in her wheelchair, we prayed aloud, listened to worship music, and even crafted a mini-sermon especially for her.

Oh the Sunday Simplicity! Simply finding God in the midst of a Sunday challenge.

For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there. Matthew 18:20

Yaleska's Mom

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