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Shift Happens!

Wait a minute!

What just happened?

This can’t be!

Why me?


Recently, I was transferred from a teaching position in one school to another due to low student enrollment. The move was sudden, abrupt and totally unexpected! I was left feeling shocked, angered, and discouraged. I sensed a loss of stability, reassurance and normalcy.

This change was difficult! Extended driving route, new environment, unfamiliar routines greeted me like a summer cold. I cried and complained. I cried and questioned. I cried and I adjusted…

Even though it may be difficult to grasp and understand, change is a natural part of life. Some changes go unnoticed by ourselves and others. But then there are some changes so major, so significant, so grand that are palpable by all. These changes change everything normal. They change our life, our daily routines, our decisions, our destiny. Change changes us!

Such is my life as a mom of an intellectually disabled daughter. I have learned to expect the unexpected, accept the uncontrollable, and cope with a new reality.

Can I handle this?

Will this break me?

Lord, may Your grace help me to embrace change and move in the direction you have ordained for my life. Shift happens! But You are not shocked, stressed or moved off Your throne! You understand change. You created time, the seasons, the days of our lives. Even though it might not feel good we know that all things work together for good for those who love You. I thank You that even though my mood, thoughts, and day may fluctuate You do not. Your love never wavers. Your strength never falters.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

Yaleska's Mom

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