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Stubborn is as Stubborn Does

I just never know what is going to happen next but today I had a great feeling about

this morning. Things were running pretty smoothly. The oatmeal was steadily simmering, the

clock on the microwave oven let me know I had paced myself favorably and Yaleska had

managed to get out of bed without much of a struggle and calmly on her way to be

bathed. Just like clockwork, without much hesitation, I had her out the shower, teeth

brushed, and her diaper securely fitted. I was able, with her timely cooperation, to get her

quickly dressed, groomed, and fed with her morning meds. We were two go-getters! Just

moving right along!

I knew this was not quite what she wanted to be doing on an early and beautiful

summer morning, but as we have done for the past few weeks we stood in the garage

taking shelter from the warm glistening sun to wait for the summer school bus. “Uh,Uh” this

simple utterance and her hand placed on a foldable chair dictated to me that she wanted

to sit rather than wait standing up for the “bigger than her enthusiasm” yellow bus.

She sat on the chair with both arms and legs perfectly and comfortably crossed.

Slumped and resting in the only patch of semi-shade in our driveway, she didn’t look up at

me, acknowledge passing cars or seem to realize that she was not still slumbering in her own


With her backpack hanging off my shoulder, I crouched down to pull some weeds

that had annoyingly pierced through our recently placed red garden mulch. Yaleska sat

short of my arms reach but visible. Feeling relaxed and calm, I triumphantly yanked the

invading weeds from their roots. I hadn’t had the chance to savor much success when I

noticed what would change the morning’s sweet momentum!

As if in slow motion, I see Yaleska lean forward with great determination.

“Noooooooo, Yaleska!” I lifted my voice as if it would in turn lift her as well. As I am noticing

what she is about to do I hear the squeaking brakes of the school bus in the distance making

a quick stop before proceeding down our two-way street. I wanted to stop them both;

Yaleska from plopping down on the pavement and the bus from coming to pick her up.

She had done it! She had not only managed to cement herself to the pavement as a

motionless mass but she had halted the day’s steady progress, as well as the traffic. Oh my! I

didn’t know which was worse… Yaleska, headstrong and uncompromising, determined to

not change her position or… the silent audience that was viewing from both the school bus

and vehicles stalled in both directions. I felt as if there was a spotlight beaming down on

Yaleska and I as the viewers were waiting in anticipation to see what would unfold next.

I pleaded. I prodded. I begged and I sang. I sang everyone of her favorite songs, making a

medley ranging from “Twinkle ,Twinkle little star” to tunes I had created specifically for her.

No reprieve. We were definitely all in a holding pattern. I tried to lift her but she drooped her

shoulders leaving no leeway to lift her up by placing my hands under her arms. I wiped the

sweat off my brow as I continued to try persuading her to get up. After several failed and

back straining attempts, prayers, and my 20 year old daughter’s unsuccessful peanut butter

bribes, we decided to give it another try before we called it a day and sent the yellow

squeaky bus on its way…without its unbending passenger-Yaleska. One…two…three!

Finally! By some sort of skillful boost and definite divine intervention, we managed to get her

to place her heavy feet on the ground and hoisted her up. We quickly and swiftly escorted

her to the bus which by now had witnessed several minutes of my 18 year old intellectually

disabled daughter’s willful decision.

Now both the school bus and the waiting cars were off and able to proceed with their route,

plans, and day. What a delay! Was it a setback?

Only God knows. As He also knows the areas in our lives that we have not fully advanced,

progressed and moved right along in His plan because of our stubbornness. Yes, being

stubborn has caused many of us to obstinately stay set in a way, position, mind-set or place

that has brought hindrances to our walk with Him. Today, He lovingly reminds us that He is

there to help us arise! He is willing and able to set things in motion to facilitate our continuous

and uninterrupted movement, motion, and momentum! No more delay! No more setbacks!

It is time to get moving!

What do you keep postponing?

What is holding you back from proceeding with continuity in your call?

What impedes your progress?

You are a go-getter! Just move right along!

Father, I recognize that I have been stubborn. I have plopped myself down in a way of

thought, life, or way of being that You have nudged me to get up, get going, and to fulfill

the depth of the calling on my life without further delay. I surrender any willful and

headstrong attitude and yield myself to advance for Your kingdom. Thank you for your

loving arms that lift me up so that I may progress and allow others to do so as well. In Jesus’

name I pray. Amen.

He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings. Psalm 40:2

Yaleska's Mom

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